Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Blog Entry

well, i guess this is the beginning of my new blog...we'll see how this turns out, eh?

the summer's just starting and i'm ready for adventure.

let the Old Light guide you.


  1. wa wa wee wah a new blog! :) looking forward to seeing yer stuff, eh what stuff are you gonna put in ere?? heheee...all the best in school!

  2. ;)
    so what u going to make ur blog about?

    i'm planning on changing mines or starting a new one... hmmm but i havent thought of a theme for it yet... =/

  3. wei-yann~ hey there! yup, it's my new blog! i gotta put stuff up ASAP!!

    evee~ hi! i think it's gonna be a blog about experiences and art and stuff....we'll see