Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On they walked

The Old Light found himself on a random excursion through a couple of sections of the city today. It was an unusually sunny day in an otherwise cloudy city. Adventure was a must. Old Light, accompanied by his traveling companion, Abran, hit the streets of SF. It's pretty fun walking around a random day. The trip took them from Lower Nob Hill, to the Castro, up into the Haight, back down through the Castro, and home again to Downtown. The nobunaga quantity was low, for they feared that they started out too late in the day, but the trip was otherwise a success.

The duo rolled into the Borders along the way home where The Old Light was sucked into the comic book section. lot's of good books that were out of reach due to the lack of funds, but, what else is new. Jasmin's cafe was next on the list: double cheese burger (no mayo) and a big ass bottle of WFM lemonade that waited him back home.

On a side note, Death Note is a great series! I hope that bastard Kira get's his caps popped!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Blog Entry

well, i guess this is the beginning of my new blog...we'll see how this turns out, eh?

the summer's just starting and i'm ready for adventure.

let the Old Light guide you.